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Diamond Tint Las Vegas LLC

Las Vegas, NV

More About Us

Call Now: (702) 812-1343

Diamond Tint Las Vegas LLC is your premier source in the area for all of your window tinting needs. We offer only the best quality window tints at prices that are affordable.

Home window tinting or even commercial window tinting is designed to reduce the glare and negative effects of UV rays. Tinting will protect your furniture and other interior assets from the sun’s glare as well as provide health benefits and improved energy efficiency.

There are a variety of benefits from auto window tinting as well. It helps to reduce the occurrence of theft because your windows are darkened and it's not easy to see inside. It also enhances your privacy and security and comfort, since no one can see inside and you needn’t worry any longer about getting into an uncomfortably hot vehicle when it’s been parked outside for an extended period of time – no small thing in our hot desert climate.

All of our technicians have years of experience and our commitment to customer service is second to none. Call us at (702) 812-1343 for an estimate today.

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